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As I graduated from my Yoga Teacher Training 200hrs (YTT 200) in Goa, I learned a thing or two- I have come to understand myself better and I’ve come to realize how you don’t need to be flexible, strong or have experience to do yoga. I’ve never taught a class yet, but I’ve realized that this is something I would like to share with you- inspire you to a better lifestyle.

I’m not flexible- I look at myself and my body as rather stiff. It’s in my family, my genes, as my father told me- but I would like to make it more flexible through yoga, and so I would have to adapt. I needed to learn that to be a Yogi doesn’t mean to be flexible and mastering every pose- it means to be a student of yoga- to practice it on a regular basis in a way that suits your body and needs. I also suffer from a very mild scoliosis, which tends to give me neck problems from time to time. This makes yoga poses, like headstand, a bad idea for me and my body as it puts my neck in too much stress. By implementing a good neck hygiene in my yoga practice I am able to relieve some of the stiff neck. Yoga is not about the poses, but the way you adjust it to your body.

As for my yoga routine, I’ll do a yoga practice two times a day- one in the morning and one in the afternoon, each lasting for around 20-40 minutes. During the morning I’ll do a slightly vigorous and sweaty practice to get my heart rate up and blood pumping- as my energy levels are on top- and during the evening I would do a more slow practice to stretch- breathe and de stress.

I want to inspire you, through my knowledge and passion for yoga, to be more active- to find a passion that will make you stay active and not consider it something you have to do every day. Yoga makes me feel happy, energized and more thankful for what and who I have around me. It have totally transformed how I look at my body- I don’t look at it with a sort of negativity anymore, I look at it as an amazing tool that keeps me flexible and moving every day.

Yoga has made me find balance in life- and I want you to find the same passion, in this form- or another.