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Gothenburg Guide

February 11, 2020 | Travel


Gothenburg turns into the City of Lights during Christmas, but is well Worth a visit any time of year. Stone bricked streets covered in Century old buildings now housing New, modern shops. Trams that still has a touch of vintage feel that takes you right back to the old days. 

Gothenburg is a city that embrace their Rich history and culture- and one has to applaud the subtle, yet unique way they combine the old With the New. 


After arriving late on a thursday- getting to know the area around Our appartment we woke up on nfriday feeling refreshed and ready to explore the city. I don’t always feel like doing tons of Research before traveling to a New city, so I prefer spending the first day either doing guided tours or explore by myself either on foot or bisycle, depending on the time of year.

This time we chose to explore the city by foot, walking from Andra Langåtan, which is the bar/ party scene in Gothenburg, to the city centre. On Our way we chose to stroll Down Haga Nygata which is full of small, unique shops and cafes. A Perfect little spot to sip on a cup of coffee while soaking in every aspect of life. Before heading to Haga Nygata, you could stroll up to Slottsskogen, Gothenburgs main park. If you are keen on visiting museums on Your trip to Gothenburg, the Natural History Museum can be found here. If you are a bit of a botanic-freak, the Botanical Garden lies just above the park and is well Worth a visit during summer.

From here we strolled down towards the city centre and passed the wonderful Domkyrkan, as well as several iteresting shops and cafes. Spend some time doing some shopping or simply soak in the Swedish way of life. For Kitchen prop maniacs as myself, I loved a little shop called Kitchen, where they had a huge table covered in cutlery, cookbooks and tableware of all sorts.

As the evening aproached us, we had already pre booked a table at a boat, which took us around the Harbor as we enjoyed a typical Swedish meal With smoked salmon, pickled herring, potatoes, bread, liver pate and more, accompanied by a traditional aquavit.


After a day of Exploration we wanted to find Our inner child, so we decided to spend the day at Liseberg, Gothenburgs amusement park, which I reccomend everyone to do- With or without kids. You can get into Liseberg in two, fun ways; the Liseberg Tram, or “Paddan”. Paddan will take you on a 40-minute guided tour on the Gothenburg Canals, which can be a breezy affair during the Winter months. The tram might be just as good when it’s a bit chilly.

At Liseberg you can try all kinds of Food, traditional mulled wine, roasted almonds, tobacco stalls. We had a blast the entire day checking out all the different events at the park- as it was Christmas we got to see the Nutcracker as well as an amazing firework show!

If you want to skip Liseberg, or came back early- why not book a table at Puta Madre? The insanely cool restaurant where the menu is a news paper, making you look all sorts of cool when choosing what to order. I reccomend the sharing plate/ tasting menu with a classic margarita to drink.


On Sunday we took a stroll through the food Court in Gothenburg. A Place to disover the locals in their true spirit shopping for handmade gourmet food, have a fika or buy flowers during summer. This is a lovely stroll through the city center where you also pass the wonderful Avalon hotel, which is a sight on its own.

If you’re up for brunch and made it through the food court without taking a bite- I reccomend an unique little cafe/ bistro by the name Bar Centro. A whole-in-the-wall coffee shop that serves brunch/lunch and opens up a restaurant/ wine bar on evenings. Another option is the amazing food trucks situated at Magasingatan, which also has a few other cafes near by.

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