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Blåbær i fløte | Blueberry in Cream

January 19, 2020 | NorwayRecipeSweet

Blueberries & the North

Blueberries- they are everywhere to be found these days! In the woods, at the market and at every street corner! Blueberries in the North is a special thing- they are tiny, sweet and super dark in color. So dark and bloody that your hands will be discolored after a round of picking them in the woods. It’s a part of the game though- your mouth will be covered in a dark blue color- not being able to hide that you went all crazy for them.

I’ve said it before- and I’ll say it again; berries are the pride of the North. We really love our berries and with good reason. It takes many months for them to be ripe and ready- and when they do come out they costs a fortune if you don’t go out and pick them yourself.

Blueberries in Cream

Our cuisine and traditional recipes are known to be simple and humble – as this recpe; blueberries in cream. A simple recipe that honors years of tradition and a dish our ancestors have eaten for many years before me. This dish is basically the exact same as this one, but with blueberries. Both are equally loved in the Nordic region, but enjoyed at different times. Strawberries in cream is more of a late summer dish- and the blueberries is during autumn when they are in season.



Blueberries in Cream


1 dl blueberries, wild

2 dl full fat cream

1 tbsp sugar


  1. Arrange the blueberries in a bowl.
  2. Pour full fat cream over the blueberries and sprinkle sugar on top.
  3. Enjoy!

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