The Nordic Diet

I would like to change its name to The Nordic Lifestyle, which makes this so much more agreeable for all. There are and has been a lot of diet fads- and The Nordic Diet is one of the newest of them all. Now- I do not support any form of dieting, as I strongly believe that a lifestyle changeĀ is what is needed to achieve the goals you want and strive for. A diet will merely change you for a short period of time- and make you relapse as soon as you quit.

The Nordic Diet claims that by eating as we do in the Nordic countries you will achieve many health benefits. Fresh fish, seasonal vegetables- and berries, ripe fruit and wholegrain are some of the foods we eat. The Nordic Diet is very much a like The Mediterranean Diet- choose seasonal, local, fresh produce and it will have several health benefits.

I do strongly agree with The Nordic Lifestyle- and that is to eat mostly plants, berries, legumes, seafood and wholegrain and reduce the intake of meat, processed food and sugar. I believe that if everything is as natural as they can be, we really don’t have to worry too much about what and when to eat.

I would also like to point out that if you are not from the Nordic countries- you don’t have to eat like we do here in the north. Find out what is local, fresh and healthy in your region and focus on that. That way we can all benefit from our own, local foods and support the environment as well. What you can do, though, is to draw inspiration and knowledge from My Nordic Kitchen.

What I would like to promote is the New Nordic Food, which you can read more about here.