Slow Living | Why broth might be the best drink ever!

Drinkable Bone Broth & surviving a cold

You might have read my post on Home Made Beef Broth (if you havn’t, you can read it here) where I touched the subject about our environment, earth and general well-being. Today, I won’t go as deep (I think), but I will tell you a couple of reasons for why you should drink beef broth on a regular basis and why it connects to a slower living.

When living in a colder climate we need to take good care of our health as colds come and go quite often. I for one am trying very hard not to end up with the sniffles every year, without much luck I’m afraid. Perhaps a cup of this regularly will help?

Bone broth is said to have many health benefits; better digestion, better looking skin/ hair/ nails, better joints, stronger and bigger muscles- and is said to improve sleep. I don’t want to get to deep into the health benefits- as nutrition can be quite hard to speak of without proper research. I will however talk about the fact of how amazing broths are for our cooking. The incredible depth of flavor it brings to soups, stews and even as a calming, soothing drink.

When making bone broth that one can drink- I prefer making it as neutral as possible. Meaning that I won’t add much vegetables or any other flavors to the broth. I find that more suitable for broths I want to use for soups and stews. Remember- you can add the vegeatbles and herbs you feel like when cooking with the broth later on. I usually freeze the broth in individual boxes and heat it up in the morning- pouring it my thermos with 1 big slice of ginger before heading off to work. When I drink it later that day the ginger has given it a spicy flavor- perfect to fight any flu or cold!

Bone Broth & Slow living

Making a bone broth takes hours and hours- and when you finally are sitting there with a good, warm cup of bone broth- you can’t really help but to slow things down.

Something most of us have heard of and desperatly want after years and years of keeping up with social media and the general development in our society. Everything works at a faster pase and many of us simply cannot follow.

Most of the time I love what social media has offered to us- to connect with people across the world with the same interest and passions as you. A way to be inspired and to open up for a whole world of pictures, videos and laughs. Yet, there is a huge downside to all of this- there is a huge pressure to be the best and to get everyone to “like” you all the time. Many also gives the idea of a perfect life, when in fact- there is no such thing. No human is perfect, no life is. There will always be a downside and an upside to everything.

What does social media have to do with a bone broth recipe? well, not much actually. Only the fact that I want to use this recipe as a way for you to make your life slower and more at pace with the pace we should have. By making bone broth as they did traditionally, we are taking a step back to the times where they practiced “slow living” everyday- even when slow living wasn’t a term.

Imagine a big, steaming cup of broth during a cold winter morning!

Soothing Bone Broth


2 kg oxtails (or any other bony meat)

2 litre water (or to cover the bones)

1 big slice of ginger


  1. Put the leftover bones in a saucepan and cover with water.
  2. Bring to a boil and gently skim off any foam that appears- this will give you a clear and nice broth.
  3. Let simmer (not boiling) for as long as you possibly like.
  4. Strain the bones from the liquid and let cool before freezing.


You can add different kind of flavors if you wish, like; carrots, leeks, thyme, rosemary etc!



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