Raw Christmas Salad

Winter salad

During Christmas we might all feel a bit stuffy and, well, full- full of food, drinks and parties. One must remember to take a break, take a moment to relax- to grasp the little moments that is happening around you. We all have busy lives and the holiday might feel like its over before you even had time to actually enjoy the slow mornings, good food, friends and family.

It’s the day after Christmas eve and we all might feel a bit full- full of food, gifts and drinks! This is the day to relax and enjoy every moment of our time off. After a big dinner I don’t often feel like having a second big dinner- So I usually tend to reach for the salads, just like this one!

Raw salads is a big deal in Norway, but not raw in the “traditional raw food movement”- but raw in the form of ‘råkost’. This usually consist of grated carrots and other root vegetables as a condiment for dinner. I’ve decided to use some of the left overs from this Christmas and make a uplifting winter salad the day after Christmas.

This quick left over salad is a perfect way to get your mind off food for a little while and simply just be. A salad that combines Christmas in a bowl and uses the leftovers that you might- or might not have in your fridge from all the delicious, long dinners. A salad that makes your belly happy- with all the fermented cabbage filled with good bacterias and fibre.

I hope you all have a happy holiday and a very merry Christmas!

Cabbage Salad

Cabbage and apple salad




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