Rakfisk | Fermented Trout

The smell is strong and aromatic, yet the flavor is rather subtle and soft- Try the Norwegian Fermented Trout the next time you want to immerge in tradition!

If you ever visit Norway- this is one of our most traditional recipes found during late autumn heading towards Christmas. A fragrant dish served with flat potato cakes, pickled beetroot, sour cream, red onion and of course aquavit. Rømmegrøt is often served with Rakfisk and is a perfect, sweet match to the fish and aquavit.

Rakfisk has its own festival every November in Valdres, where it originates from. Sadly, this isn’t a recipe that everyone should embark on- a slight mistake and the fish can contain an unwanted bacteria which will makes us sick. Which is why every modern production of Rakfisk is under strict guidlines and rules.

The fish is salted and placed in a special box called “butt” with a lid to push the fish down so it’s covered in brine.

This is not a recipe, but if you ever happen to be in Norway- make sure this is on your must-eat-list.



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