Porridge with Coconut and Roasted Almonds

In a blink of an eye it was gone. Summer past me by as quickly as a bird flying south to seek shelter to a more distant, warmer land. At the beginning of the holidays I remember thinking ‘It’s only a month, I must enjoy and cheris every day’- still, a long weekend I had several months ago felt longer than this four week holiday.

Rain, thunder, wind and sun are some of the many weather changes we have had during these four weeks. It can be quite frustrating, but when she shows of from her best side, summer in Norway is one of the most beautiful things to experience. With our bright summer nights, warm days accomponied with a cool, crisp breeze- it’s well worth the wait. The sun, so precious and warm on the skin- lasts for hours during the day, and its after glow for some hours after that- long enough to enjoy prosecco into the bright summer nights.

Oatmeal porridge is my favorite breakfast these days and a good portion of this porridge topped with roasted almonds and shredded coconut- preferably drizzled with honey, is one of my best toppings yet. The inspiration for this sweet, yet savory topping is from a food festival I attended a couple of weeks back. I bought an overnight oat bowl, topped with shredded coconut, lime and granola. The variation between the perfect crunch and the sweetest flavor made me crave for more.

I made my own version in my own kitchen, with my own ingredients. Porridge with coconut and roasted almonds. After having cooked a nice portion of porridge in milk, a touch of salt and honey- I started on the topping, which makes all the difference. I grabbed a pan, a handful of shredded coconut and almonds and roasted it on medium to high heat- carefully watching the color, so it wouldn’t burn, but just enough to create that beautiful aroma and nutty flavor. On top of all of this I would drizzle a good amount of honey- because the sweetness of the honey makes the porridge oh-so much better. Some people- most people, will claim that salt is the oatmeals best friend- and while I agree, I can’t help but add some sweetness to it to balance it out. Without sweetness, the porridge becomes bland for my taste.

oatmeal porridge




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