Aquavit Sour

Water of life

This Aquavit Sour is my third recipe from my Nordic Supper event that I hosted a couple of weekends back. You can read more about it here.

This Aquavit Sour was a perfect match to the Blackberry Gravlax served on Beer Battered Rye Crisps on a late summer night in august. What’s a better way to get your guests talking then by serving them a cocktail on an empty stomach?

This is a drink that has the perfect combination of sweet and sour- especially if you prefer the more sour side of a drink. I’ve always loved the tingeling feeling you get in your jaw when eating and drinking something sour- and with a touch of sweetness it’s just the perfect combination.

What is aquavit you ask? it is a flavored spirits that has been made in Scandinavia since the 15th century. Aquavit get its distinct flavor from a range of spices and herbs- typically caraway and dill. The name aquavit derives from the Latin word aqua vitae – meaning ‘water of life’ which is indeed rather fitting, I would say.

Aquavit is still an important part of Scandinavian culture and tradition- and is commonly used at holiday gatherings such as christmas and easter. Aquavit is most commonly enjoyed at room temperature from a tulip-shaped shot glass, slowly being sipped on and complements dark beer perfectly.

Why not try this recipe for your next dinner party- or just on a friday night, welcoming the weekend?

Aquavit Sour

Yield 2 servings


4 cl aquavit

4 cl lemon juice

2 cl simple syrup (see below for recipe)

1 cl egg white


Simple syrup

2 decilitre water

2 decilitre sugar

1 vanilla pod


  1. Add all the ingredients in a shaker except the icecubes.
  2. Shake it as hard as you can for a couple of minutes to create foam.
  3. Add the icecubes and shake a little while longer.
  4. Pour into cocktail glasses and serve straight away.


Use as big icecubes as possible to create a good amount of foam and to avoid icy bits in your drink.

Recipe inspired from "Pjolter"- a Norwegian cocktail revolution book.



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