My Nordic Kitchen My Nordic Kitchen

I hope this is a place where you will get a lot of joy and inspiration.

I’ve been told I am as Nordic as they come- Loving our traditions, our lands and our people. I love how alike we are here up in the North- and the history that we share, but also how much we differ from each other. Follow my journey and discover wonderful [New] Nordic Food.

My Nordic Kitchen

The best way to understand the Nordic region’s food culture is more than a trip to Ikea- it’s understanding our traditions, our nature and our people.

Nordic cuisine has never been extravagant, nor has it been fancy- it can best be described with the words of my favorite cafe in Oslo; “By serving a simple slice of waffle with strawberry jam and brown cheese with a cup of coffee on the side”. Nordic cuisine is known to be simple and with few ingredients- ingredients from the areas where we live and the lands surrounding us- like the woods, the sea, the mountains and the fjords. A blend between fresh, seasonal and preserved flavors- often put in jars and stored away in a dark pantry somewhere on a farm- only to be enjoyed and devoured throughout the seasons.

This website is about [New] Nordic Food and how easy it’s supposed to be.

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Food is one of the most important things we have in life- and we should all have enough knowledge about food to be able to live a long and happy life. It should not be a burden- nor should it be boring. Food should be something that makes you thrive to be able to live the life you want, it should bring people together in the most wonderful way and last but not least- it should be fun.

Therese Elstad

My name is Therese Elstad and welcome to Tessa & the North. I’m an outgoing introvert with a strong passion for Nordic food, traditions and travel!

A girl with many dreams, passions and thoughts. I’ve always been a person who needs to have a project to work on- a project I can call my own. When I don’t have that- I feel rather lost and frustrated. That is where My Nordic Kitchen gets in the picture. A place where I can combine both my bachelor degree in art- and nutrition into a project- my project.

I am not for labelling the way I eat- or the way anyone eats. I believe in eating food– good, pure, wholefoods. Balance and moderation is key as is everything else in life. By using natural ingredients, yet delicious and appetizing, it will make you feel more satisfied- and more happy, beautiful and fulfilled.


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