Krumkaker for Christmas

Krumkaker is a Norwegian tradition during Christmas- best served with cloudberries and whipped cream. You will need a special Krumkake-iron for this, but you might already have one if you’re into Norwegian traditions!



4 eggs

250 g sugar

250 g butter, melted

250 g wheat flour

1/2 tsp cardamom, ground


  1. Whip eggs and sugar to a fluffy consistency.
  2. Add melted butter, flour and cardamom and mix it all together.
  3. Let the mixture set for 10 minutes.
  4. Put a tablespoon of mixture on the iron and let it fry for a couple of minutes.
  5. Use a rolling pin to create the shape and leave to cool on a cooling rack while you make another.
  6. If the krumkake turns out too thick and soft add a bit of water to the batch to make it beautiful and crisp.
  7. Store in tin box for Christmas cookies!


A good thing to remember is to use as much butter, flour and sugar as the amount of eggs in grams. So if four eggs are 250 grams, use 250 grams of flour, butter and sugar as well.

Krumkake is supposed to be thin and crisp, to achieve this, add more water to the mixture.

Some families like their Krumkake to be thick and on the softer side, others preffer them super thin and crisp to the touch. Try different ways and see what you prefer!

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