Kitchen Travels

‘Don’t worry about the menu’ he said with a friendly smile, ‘ I will bring you all of our best dishes’. The tall, yet sturdy chef, with a white hat and apron, strutted proudly back to his kitchen, probably being all happy about having a few customers. We sat in his little hut, floating on the water over the beautiful Inle Lake in Myanmar, excidetly waiting for our food. Our view was nothing, but incredible, with it’s green landscape, clear blue sky and sparkly blue water. Local fishermen floated peacefully by, accompanied with saleswomen who wanted to sell their craft. After a little while our chef came back, as happy as ever, with two assistant holding our food on big plates and small bowls. Fish soups, currys, salads- everything made of fresh, local ingredients.

Kitchen TravelsTravelling means to experience something new, different and exciting- food, people and landscape. The destination isn’t neccesarily the goal, but the travel itself. My interest for travels have taken me from Norway to India, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Myanmar and Thailand- and with it a whole lot of memories and good food.

I’ve slept on friend’s couches in Switzerland, overlooking the dramatic mountain peaks and idyllic houses. I’ve lived for a year in Australia, where I snorkled my way around the coral reaf with both a shark and a sea turtle. I’ve convinced a tourist guide to abandon the group only to show me a secret, hidden, hot pool in New Zealand’s lush forests (where I also got to meet the Maori). I’ve lay wide awake on a wooden floor in a female monestary in Myanmar, while all the locals managed to sleep like babies. I’ve been alone in the big streets of Delhi, having curious, Indian eyes staring me down as I walked swiftly from my tuk-tuk to my hotel door. I’ve followed a monk on his journey to meditate with locals and I’ve met some incredible people along the way. And somewhere between all these countries I’ve grown. Grown into a more independent and interested adult. Interested in food, people and kitchen stories.

By the time I got back home to Norway I had emptied my savings account, but filled my heart, body and soul with inspiration, delicious food and new friendships.

Kitchen Travels will focus on healthy recipes inspired from my travels around the world. A way to savor the memories of the incredible food, people and land. Food is truly a language on it’s own and something we all have in common.

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