Plommesmør | Plum Butter

Høstjevndøgn | Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox has passed which means Autumn is here- and with it comes the beautiful, dark color palette, cozy nights and a breath of fresh, clean air. The sun, still so calming and warming on the skin – to the point where Norway doesn’t feel like a Nordic country, but a paradise further south. Best of all, of course, in culinary terms Autumn is when things get really intriguing. This is the time for the first blueberries of the year (think: freshly picked blueberries in milk), and apples picked straight off the tree (think: a mouthwatering apple cake with vanilla ice cream); the time to pick the remaining cherries from the trees, if the birds havn’t gotten to them yet, and for the plums to be devoured, which I prefer straight off the tree. I would never play favorite with the seasons, as all the seasons brings something unique with it, but Autumn is for sure one of my favorites.

Plum Butter

A couple of weeks ago I was left with a bag of tiny, wonderful ripe plums- in fact, they were so ripe that I had to use them straight away. Recently I discovered something called fruit butter- and boy was I pleasantly surprised. A wonderful mix between syrup and jam to enhance porridges, cookies and baked goods.

Fruit butter is made of fruit and sugar, boiled down to a thick syrup-like consistency without straining the flesh from the liquid- you end up with a creamy and delicious consistency that can be enjoy whereever and whenever you want. A perfect way to preserve the gifts that autumn brings us.

Plum Butter


2 kg plums

5 dl sugar


  1. Remove the stone from the plums and add to a saucepan together with the sugar.
  2. Let simmer for 20 minutes or until the plums have softened.
  3. Use a hand mixer and blend until smooth.
  4. Let simmer for 3-4 hours until nice and thick.
  5. Make sure the plum butter doesn't burn towards the end.
  6. Keeps for a long time in sterilized jars.


You can use any type of fruit you'd like to make fruit butter- be creative!



  • Thistles and Kiwis
    3 years ago

    So easy! Looks lovely too. How long does it keep?

    • Therese
      3 years ago

      In a sterilized jar where no air gets in, I’m guessing for a long time! The amount of sugar should preserve it pretty good! 🙂 At least some months if not more!

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