Why would I start a food blog in the already fully packed food-blog jungle? Well, it goes way back to when I first moved away from home to study visual arts- and design. A year went by and I became more and more interested in healthy food and cooking.

I was like most teenagers- didn’t know how to cook properly and didn’t really care about nutrition or what my diet consisted of. One day I took a good long look at myself in the mirror and realized I wanted to change- I wanted to loose weight and be more fit. So I did, I spent a year diving into the world of healthy eating and exercising- losing a total of 12 kg in the process. My fascination for healthy food grew even stronger- especially my interest for raw food, where one can make a bunch of healthy sweets.

At first, I wanted a blog to keep me motivated and to get into a community that had the same fascination for healthy foods and excersize. During my three years of art studies, I realized that this had become a second passion of mine- which made me graduate with a bachelor degree in nutrition, food and culture from the University of Agder, Norway. We dived into the world of dietetics, wellness, exercise and nordic food. We had a whole subject on New Nordic Food and my fascination grew strong. Not only did we learn about many old Nordic food traditions, but we also got to know the whole New Nordic movement started by a couple of Danish chefs. Read more about it here.

After my graduation I decided to persue my second passion- Yoga. I traveled to Goa, India- completely alone to do a 200 hour teaching training program. I didn’ do it to teach, but to learn, for use in my own home practice. This journey has made me realize how my body works and how to find some sort of balance in the yet stressfull day. How Yoga can be for every body and not only for those who can stand in a headstand for three minutes.

I have a vague wish to be able to spread the word of yoga and nutrition through my blog- and it will grow with time.

Eventually my blog turned into a recipe blog- and I named it My Nordic Kitchen. A place where I would like to share my knowledge and passion for health & wellness and beautiful pictures.

I hope this is a place where you will get a lot of joy and inspiration.