Refreshing Beet & Berry Bowl

smoothie bowl

This season is neglected. Overlooked. Ignored. The season where summer turns to autumn- the time when you don’t know what to wear, because the weather can be so indecisive. The wind increasing its strenght by every passing day- and the vibrant leaves surrender to its strong grasp- falling down in utter submission.

Yet, for me- it’s the best time of the year. When the markets are filled with nordic, seasonal fruit and berries- the grocery bags filled with big, fresh, leafy greens. This is the time where we, in the Nordic countries, get the chance to savor and enjoy our local vegetables- and preserve them to be able to enjoy them througout winter.

This Beet & Berry Bowl is a delicious, little treat for both young and old- a celebration to the wonderful season we are in right now. The taste of autumn is clear and crisp with a hint of beet root hidden in the creamy mix of avocado and raspberries. Such a celebration of autumn deserves a point of attention. So much, that I’ve decided to add this to a Norwegian monthly food blogger challenge, started by Green Bonanza. This month challenge is beetroot.

I am happy to anounce that I have encountered a new, exciting blog- full of nutritional information from a scientific point of view. Helen, the owner and writer of the blog ‘Wellbeing Secrets” is a huge nutrition geek, just as myself- which is why I would like to share a link to her article about the benefits of avocados.

What is your favorite way to enjoy beetroot and/ or avocado?

Here is a list of participants for this months challenge as well as a link to their tempting beetroot recipes (Mostly in Norwegian).

Green Bonanza – Quinoa salad with beets

Mias Mat – Roasted beetroot hummus

Lise Von Krogh – Fried and marinated chard

Matmagi – Simple beetroot salad

Idefull – Blushing beets

Greta G – Beets Caprese

Mat Paa Bordet – Roasted Beet Chips

Maj Britt, Spiselandslaget- Velvet beet soup

Siv baker og steiker – Beet salad with cheese cream & rye crumbs

Et kjøkken i Istanbul – Spiced beets & chickpeas with harissa yogurt

Sunnere alternativ – Brownies with beets and dates

The Norwegian Hausfrau – Beetroot and cheese filling for pasta {English}

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  • annika
    4 years ago

    This is a really good recipe, nice way to sneak some beets into my children’s diet. My girls will like it just for the colour!

    • Therese
      4 years ago

      Yeah, I would think it’s a great way for kids to eat some vegetables too- as this is very smooth and neutral in taste! 🙂

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