A weekend in Copenhagen

After spending my easter holiday as a solo traveler in Copenhagen- I’ve gotten a couple of ideas for you to try the next time you visit Denmarks vibrantly wonderful capital.


After a good night sleep I would get up early and catch the 10 o clock guided tour with bike mike in the heart of Copenhagen. Not only is it a great way to meet new people who often travel solo, but it’s the best way to experience Copenhagen as a local. This is a three hour tour with a very charming man.  This way you can see a lot of the touristic sites and get a lot of time to stroll and enjoy Copenhagens street without any worry later on.

After the tour I would stroll down to Gråbrødretorv (which is a stop on the tour) and have lunch at either Fluks Luks or Peder Oxe. This is a sweet little get away from the busy city centre. Nothing beats sipping on a glass of rose wine with a good book in the sun for a couple of hours, simply enjoying life.

When feeling refreshed and energized I would stroll down from the cafe, through the city centre and to the botanical garden and the royal garden right next to it for a lovely stroll.

From the royal garden I would walk down to Nyhavn, which was on the bike tour, but now you get the time to soak the vibrant city life that surrounds it and reflect on the fact that they call it “little Amsterdam”

From here I would go over the bridge from Nyhavn to Papirøen, which is Copenhagens famous street food market for a diverse and interesting dinner. Grab a seat outdoors and watch as the sun sets behing the Royal Danish Playhouse on the oposite side of the harbor.


After having a slow morning I  would rent a city bike and go out for brunch at the famous Nørrebro area in Copenhagen which has an incredible shopping street with nisje shops and incredible restaurants like Relæ and Manfreds. After brunch at Manfreds (where the beef tartar is highly reccommended) I would walk down the street of Jægerborgsgade and do a little shopping for items you can’t find other places.

After a little shopping, I would bike down the street and walk through the cemetery “Assistentes Kirkegård” where you can see the grave of H.C Andersen. From here I would go further down and across “Dronning Louises Bro” and towards ‘Torvhallerne’ where you can stop for a cup of coffee as you soak in the busy market life of Copenhagen.

From here I would bike through the streets of Copenhagen and towards Christiania. This is an interesting area worth visiting as it is nothing like the rest of Copenhagen. Christiania is like a city in the city where the occupants has their own, rural way of life. The first impression might not be all good, as they have a tendency to ask if you want to buy stuff from them, but walking past these guys and into the city gives you a wonderful experience of the people living there and the athmosphere they bring. Can’t be described with words. Small wooden huts with asymetrical shapes, bright lights and a lake that surrounds them all.

During the evening I would get back into the city centre and have dinner at one of Copenhagens many wonderful restaurants and enjoy a lovely meal with a glass of wine. Admiralgade 29 is highly reccommended and a place where one would not feel alone, eating alone as a solo traveler.


On sunday I would get up early and either walk or rent a bike and go towards Fredriksberg and to Fredriksberg Have. On my way I would pop by a grocerie store and grab some food for a picnic in the garden. I would lock my bike at the garden entrance and have a lovely and peaceful stroll through this rather big, but beautiful park. Enjoying a bite to eat whilst looking at the families and ducks passing me by.

After feeling full and rested I would grab the bike and cycle down the wonderful Fredriksberg with its lovely architecture and trees surrounding the streets. From here I would cycle in the direction of the Tivoli and here you could either stop and enter, having a wonderful time before you leave for the airport- or you can cycle down to Nyhavn once again and to a boat tour through the canals if you need a bit more sightseeing before you leave. I myself chose to sit at a bistro for several hours soaking in the rest of the athmosphere before I had to catch my flight back home to Oslo.

Before leaving though, I would reccommend everyone to buy a burger at Gasoline Grill that serves amazing burgers and truffle fries- which you can eat on your way to the airport, as a last taste of Copenhagen.

Side note; If you want to escape the city life for a couple of hours, I would reccommend renting a bike and go to one of Denmarks wonderful beaches ‘Bellevue’ beach for the day. Biking along the harbor and to the beach is supposed to be a wonderful trip.



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