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Grandma's Recipes

Recipes from my Grandmother, Liv Hammervold Engelschiøn, recipe books.

COMING SOON: A page dedicated to my grandmothers recipes! I’ve recently discovered her beautiful hand written recipe books and I’ve been spending my evenings diving into them. I’ve tested and tried some of the recipes and they are exactly how I remember them when she cooked and baked. Why change something that works? Stay tuned for a whole new category!

This is a dish that has been with me through my whole life, and I’ve always loved it. This dish is widely known in the Nordic region, but normally served with a ‘normal’ mayonaise and a slice of lemon.

I want to share my grandmothers recipe for her wonderful rye bread. Dark and slightly sweet, making it the perfect open sandwhich bread. I love topping it with caviar, eggs, salt and pepper.

Our cuisine and traditional recipes are known to be simple and humble – as this recpe; blueberries in cream. A simple recipe that honors years of tradition and a dish our ancestors have eaten for many years before me.

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Enjoy a different take on the traditional Nordic waffles with these Crisp Waffles from the Nordic region! Vohveleita in Finland, Sprøde vafler in Denmark and Frasvåfflor in Sweden.

Did you know that Gravlax doesn’t have to be salt, sugar and dill? Well sure, you need the salt and sugar to draw the moisture out, but the seasoning can be changed to whatever you feel like.

Rice Porridge is served all year with different condiments – during summer it’s usually served with cured meats and Norwegian flat bread and during Christmas it’s served alone.

Stone bricked streets covered in Century old buildings now housing New, modern shops. Trams that still has a touch of vintage feel that takes you right back to the old days. 

Oslo is my city. I’ve lived here for most of my life and it is a city that is close to my heart. I take a lot of pride coming from a thriving capital where we are surrounded by nature as well as a urban city life. 

That’s right – whipped butter! An incredible little staple at your next dinner party- or when you want to indulge in something delicious.

This ice cream dessert has it all- sweetnes from the ice cream, the crunch from the rye crisps and the warmth and tartyness from the blackberry sauce.

Warming spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and star anise are flavors that compliments the pears and pairs incredibly well in a recipe like this. You could also consider vanilla and nutmeg.

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